Thursday, August 4, 2011

Preservationists needed at MSD Lick Run Design Workshop Aug 11th

The Preservation Community needs to make its voice heard at the first of three 'design workshops' that are being held by MSD concerning the Lick Run Alternative project that will be held Thursday 8/11. 6-9 PM, Robert Paideia Academy, 1702 Grand Ave. It will cover the whole watershed. A total of three workshops will be held culminating in a master plan. This is your chance to be heard on this project and voice Preservation concerns and at least go on record as trying to shape the future of this project ( although we know this is set in stone already and is just 'theatre' for MSD to show they 'engaged the public').
This row of historic Buildings would be demoed and lost forever

Issues we need to point out should include:

The high "carbon footprint', and cost of demolition of historic buildings taht could be part of the project.

Negative impact to our landfill and the possibility of this project increasing  local landfill fees as result.

Lack of public input concerning section 106 review and lack of any special public meetings on that.

Why the plan was changed from one that would have preserved the historic district and only daylighted East of Grand.


Why isn't the city pursuing a less invasive approach like Portland,Oregon , Toronto and other cities have of enacting a program to disconnect downspots from the sewer system. The Portland project which was recently completed keeps more that 1.2 Billion gallons of water out of the sewer system annually.

You can see how the program worked here:

We need to present this as a more cost effective solution. This combined with rain barrels and water gardens can accomplish much of the EPA requirement and save the utility hundreds of millions of dollars in cost. If the REAL goal is satisfying EPA and not another Urban Renewal scheme (which we know this is ) then MSD should pursue this approach and save histroic Fairmount. They can still do their "daylighting" East of Grand, but if your real goal is reducing stormwater in the CSO, then this is how you do it. We can preserve our history and comply with EPA at the same time.
The V&S Annex building is a one of a kind art deco masterpiece

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